With a dedication to using wholesome, high-quality ingredients, we believe that soap should be good for you, fun, AND good for the environment. Our labels are made from highly sustainable sugarcane fibers(note: tree-free), with a vegan toxin-free adhesive, sourced locally in Port Coquitlam from Summit Labels.
By not using plastic in any of our packaging, we aim to do our part to not increase harmful waste onto the planet.

It's more of a challenge, but it's worth it.

Made by hand in beautiful Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

PoCo Soap Co. is the soap of PoCo!



About Shea

Shea was born in Chemainus BC, and grew up mostly on the Island, with a brief stint in Merritt, BC. After graduating from high school, Shea moved to (initially) Banff, and then Canmore AB for a few years before returning home to BC. It was during this time where the soaping bug was caught, as during a period of unemployment, Shea helped the 'Rocky Mountain Soap Company' move production facilities, learning of the current soap maker's imminent departure Shea asked the owner if he could have the job, to which he was denied! Undeterred, he took to the internet to learn how to make soap, bought some basic soap-making equipment, and had been making soap mostly for himself for about 16 years before starting PoCo Soap Co.

From about 2003 to 2011 Shea was a practicing Collision Repair Technician(aka Autobody Mechanic) and has a Red Seal in the trade.

Discovering a love for the liquid arts, Shea left the collision repair world near the beginning of 2011, and started over at the bottom in the hospitality industry. Swallowing pride and doing many undesirable jobs, Shea slowly rose through the ranks and eventually joined the opening team of the Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver, BC, circa 2013. Shea has managed the bar ever since and has won a couple of bar tending competitions, as well as seen the bar win "Best Cocktail Experience" four years in a row from the Golden Owl Awards.

Shea Hogan