Concrete Soap Dish


A soap dish to end all soaps dishes. Expertly designed to maximize drainage and air flow and to minimize soap to dish contact, all with one main goal:
Extend the life of your soap!

Made from solid concrete, this modern minimalist design will look fantastic in any bathroom or kitchen setting.  Put it by the edge of your sink, and any excess water drains effortlessly into your sink through the power of gravity! Marvel at this natural erh... marvel!!

Each dish is made by hand, may not be exactly as shown. We highly recommend that you stand the soap up as long as it will stand, this will maximize airflow and minimize soap to surface contact. Do not lay flat if possible. Lain flat the soap may stick, causing you to use excess force to remove, this may cause the soap to strike the inside of the rim causing it to break.


Net Weight approximately 400g/0.88lb

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