Experimental: Solid Dish Soap BIG BAR

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A solid dish soap, the "BIG BAR". Made with highly cleansing Coconut Oil, with the added cleaning powers of Lemon, Lavender, and Eucalyptus Essential Oils.

A very VERY easy way to reduce your plastic waste and boast your eco-friendly score, one bar should replace at least 3 environment harming plastic bottles, not to mention the chemical cacophony contained within them.

Simple to use, rub a wetted dish scrub brush or rag in a circular motion against the top of the BIG BAR, and clean dish as normal.

This is not a body soap, and isn't recommended for use on skin. 

Only 9 are available at the "beta tester" price.

Coconut Oil
Soy Wax
Lemon Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Citric Acid

Size: 5.5cm(D) x 8.5cm(W) x 6.5cm(H) (approximate)
Weight: 310 grams (approximate)


 Vegan Made with no animal by-products
cruelty free Only tested on Humans

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